Schedule 2023 Season

Date Time Division Rink Visiting Team Score Home Team Score
Tue, May 16th6:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe North6The Go Getters0
Tue, May 16th7:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaWolverines0The North14
Tue, May 16th8:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaBandits8Dead Ducks1
Tue, May 16th9:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaReapers0Vipers5
Wed, May 17th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelTrash Pandas0Cobras9
Wed, May 17th8:00 PMMensMcClellandZambronis1Huskies1
Wed, May 17th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelMallards0Flying Elbows11
Wed, May 17th9:00 PMMensMcClellandSnus Bandits5Dangle Berries2
Wed, May 17th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelSmoke Show8Defenders1
Thu, May 18th6:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaDead Ducks7Reapers2
Thu, May 18th7:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaWolverines2The Go Getters5
Thu, May 18th8:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe Go Getters0The North3
Thu, May 18th9:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaVipers1Bandits6
Mon, May 22nd8:00 PMMensCarmichaelThrashers0Huskies13
Mon, May 22nd8:00 PMMensMcClellandZambronis4Smoke Show1
Mon, May 22nd9:00 PMMensCarmichaelSnus Bandits9Mallards0
Mon, May 22nd9:00 PMMensMcClellandTrash Pandas2Flying Elbows7
Mon, May 22nd10:00 PMMensCarmichaelCobras5Defenders4
Tue, May 23rd6:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe North7Wolverines2
Tue, May 23rd7:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe Go Getters10Wolverines1
Tue, May 23rd8:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaBandits11Reapers0
Tue, May 23rd9:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaVipers2Dead Ducks2
Wed, May 24th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelDefenders5Mallards1
Wed, May 24th8:00 PMMensMcClellandDangle Berries1Smoke Show5
Wed, May 24th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelFlying Elbows1Huskies4
Wed, May 24th9:00 PMMensMcClellandCobras6Thrashers1
Wed, May 24th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelTrash Pandas0Zambronis9
Thu, May 25th6:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaVipers4Reapers1
Thu, May 25th7:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe North1The Go Getters3
Thu, May 25th8:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaWolverines0The North7
Thu, May 25th9:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaDead Ducks1Bandits8
Mon, May 29th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelMallards0Cobras8
Mon, May 29th8:00 PMMensMcClellandSmoke Show8Trash Pandas0
Mon, May 29th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelFlying Elbows6Dangle Berries1
Mon, May 29th9:00 PMMensMcClellandZambronis9Defenders0
Mon, May 29th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelSnus Bandits12Thrashers1
Tue, May 30th6:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaWolverines1The Go Getters9
Tue, May 30th7:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe Go Getters2The North2
Tue, May 30th8:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaBandits5Vipers2
Tue, May 30th9:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaReapers0Dead Ducks9
Wed, May 31st8:00 PMMensCarmichaelTrash Pandas8Mallards2
Wed, May 31st8:00 PMMensMcClellandThrashers0Smoke Show10
Wed, May 31st9:00 PMMensCarmichaelSnus Bandits0Zambronis4
Wed, May 31st9:00 PMMensMcClellandDangle Berries4Defenders4
Wed, May 31st10:00 PMMensCarmichaelCobras0Huskies4
Thu, Jun 1st6:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe North0Wolverines1
Thu, Jun 1st7:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe Go Getters12Wolverines3
Thu, Jun 1st8:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaReapers1Bandits13
Thu, Jun 1st9:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaDead Ducks5Vipers1
Mon, Jun 5th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelSnus Bandits3Flying Elbows5
Mon, Jun 5th8:00 PMMensMcClellandSmoke Show1Huskies2
Mon, Jun 5th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelMallards0Zambronis7
Mon, Jun 5th9:00 PMMensMcClellandThrashers0Defenders9
Mon, Jun 5th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelTrash Pandas1Dangle Berries6
Tue, Jun 6th6:00 PMU14McClelland ArenaDead Ducks2Vipers2
Tue, Jun 6th7:00 PMU12McClelland ArenaThe North9Wolverines1
Tue, Jun 6th8:00 PMU12McClelland ArenaThe Go Getters9Wolverines1
Tue, Jun 6th9:00 PMU14McClelland ArenaReapers1Bandits10
Wed, Jun 7th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelDangle Berries1Cobras1
Wed, Jun 7th8:00 PMMensMcClellandDefenders7Trash Pandas2
Wed, Jun 7th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelMallards0Smoke Show11
Wed, Jun 7th9:00 PMMensMcClellandHuskies7Snus Bandits4
Wed, Jun 7th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelFlying Elbows11Thrashers0
Thu, Jun 8th6:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe North2The Go Getters4
Thu, Jun 8th7:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaWolverines1The North8
Thu, Jun 8th8:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaBandits9Dead Ducks3
Thu, Jun 8th9:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaReapers4Vipers8
Mon, Jun 12th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelMallards1Dangle Berries8
Mon, Jun 12th8:00 PMMensMcClellandFlying Elbows2Zambronis6
Mon, Jun 12th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelHuskies7Defenders0
Mon, Jun 12th9:00 PMMensMcClellandThrashers4Trash Pandas5
Mon, Jun 12th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelSnus Bandits2Cobras1
Tue, Jun 13th6:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaDead Ducks5Reapers1
Tue, Jun 13th7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaWolverines1The Go Getters8
Tue, Jun 13th8:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe Go Getters1The North6
Tue, Jun 13th9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaVipers2Bandits8
Wed, Jun 14th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelCobras1Smoke Show6
Wed, Jun 14th8:00 PMMensMcClellandDefenders3Flying Elbows4
Wed, Jun 14th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelZambronis7Thrashers1
Wed, Jun 14th9:00 PMMensMcClellandTrash Pandas3Snus Bandits9
Wed, Jun 14th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelDangle Berries0Huskies6
Thu, Jun 15th6:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe North7Wolverines0
Thu, Jun 15th7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe Go Getters8Wolverines1
Thu, Jun 15th8:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaBandits8Reapers1
Thu, Jun 15th9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaVipers0Dead Ducks3
Mon, Jun 19th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelMallards1Thrashers6
Mon, Jun 19th8:00 PMMensMcClellandHuskies7Trash Pandas0
Mon, Jun 19th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelDangle Berries1Zambronis7
Mon, Jun 19th9:00 PMMensMcClellandSmoke Show1Snus Bandits3
Mon, Jun 19th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelFlying Elbows5Cobras0
Tue, Jun 20th6:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaVipers-Reapers-
Tue, Jun 20th7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe North-The Go Getters-
Tue, Jun 20th8:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaWolverines-The North-
Tue, Jun 20th9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaDead Ducks-Bandits-
Wed, Jun 21st8:00 PMMensCarmichaelZambronis10Cobras4
Wed, Jun 21st8:00 PMMensMcClellandSmoke Show5Flying Elbows3
Wed, Jun 21st9:00 PMMensCarmichaelThrashers2Dangle Berries9
Wed, Jun 21st9:00 PMMensMcClellandSnus Bandits3Defenders2
Wed, Jun 21st10:00 PMMensCarmichaelMallards0Huskies7
Thu, Jun 22nd6:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaBandits-Vipers-
Thu, Jun 22nd7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaWolverines2The Go Getters1
Thu, Jun 22nd8:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe Go Getters1The North7
Thu, Jun 22nd9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaReapers-Dead Ducks-
Mon, Jun 26th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelHuskies7Thrashers0
Mon, Jun 26th8:00 PMMensMcClellandFlying Elbows7Trash Pandas0
Mon, Jun 26th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelSmoke Show0Zambronis7
Mon, Jun 26th9:00 PMMensMcClellandDefenders3Cobras1
Mon, Jun 26th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelMallards0Snus Bandits1
Tue, Jun 27th6:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe North7Wolverines0
Tue, Jun 27th7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe Go Getters5Wolverines0
Tue, Jun 27th8:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaDead Ducks1Vipers1
Tue, Jun 27th9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaReapers0Bandits7
Wed, Jun 28th8:00 PMMensCarmichaelDefenders1Smoke Show5
Wed, Jun 28th8:00 PMMensMcClellandCobras7Trash Pandas3
Wed, Jun 28th9:00 PMMensCarmichaelFlying Elbows9Mallards1
Wed, Jun 28th9:00 PMMensMcClellandDangle Berries1Snus Bandits5
Wed, Jun 28th10:00 PMMensCarmichaelHuskies1Zambronis2
Thu, Jun 29th6:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe North3The Go Getters2
Thu, Jun 29th7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaWolverines1The North2
Thu, Jun 29th8:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaBandits7Dead Ducks0
Thu, Jun 29th9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaReapers0Vipers6
Mon, Jul 3rd8:00 PMMensCambrianMallards1Defenders8
Mon, Jul 3rd8:00 PMMensMcClellandHuskies4Flying Elbows2
Mon, Jul 3rd9:00 PMMensCambrianZambronis9Trash Pandas2
Mon, Jul 3rd9:00 PMMensMcClellandThrashers0Cobras1
Mon, Jul 3rd10:00 PMMensCambrianSmoke Show4Dangle Berries1
Tue, Jul 4th6:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaDead Ducks6Reapers3
Tue, Jul 4th7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaWolverines2The Go Getters6
Tue, Jul 4th8:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe Go Getters1The North6
Tue, Jul 4th9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaVipers2Bandits6
Wed, Jul 5th8:00 PMMensCambrianCobras12Mallards7
Wed, Jul 5th8:00 PMMensMcClellandTrash Pandas2Smoke Show7
Wed, Jul 5th9:00 PMMensCambrianDefenders0Zambronis7
Wed, Jul 5th10:00 PMMensCambrianDangle Berries2Flying Elbows0
Wed, Jul 5thFORFEITMensMcClellandThrashers0Snus Bandits1
Thu, Jul 6th6:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaBandits7Reapers1
Thu, Jul 6th7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe North8Wolverines1
Thu, Jul 6th8:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe Go Getters10Wolverines3
Thu, Jul 6th9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaVipers1Dead Ducks4
Mon, Jul 10th8:00 PMMensCambrianMallards5Trash Pandas5
Mon, Jul 10th8:00 PMMensMcClellandHuskies3Cobras1
Mon, Jul 10th9:00 PMMensCambrianZambronis1Snus Bandits0
Mon, Jul 10th9:00 PMMensMcClellandDefenders5Dangle Berries1
Mon, Jul 10thFORFEITMensCambrianSmoke Show1Thrashers0
Tue, Jul 11th6:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe North3The Go Getters1
Tue, Jul 11th7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaWolverines0The North7
Tue, Jul 11th8:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaVipers4Reapers0
Tue, Jul 11th9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaDead Ducks3Bandits3
Wed, Jul 12th8:00 PMMensCambrianCobras2Dangle Berries2
Wed, Jul 12th8:00 PMMensMcClellandTrash Pandas0Defenders7
Wed, Jul 12th9:00 PMMensCambrianSmoke Show8Mallards5
Wed, Jul 12th9:00 PMMensMcClellandSnus Bandits3Huskies1
Wed, Jul 12th10:00 PMMensCambrianZambronis6Flying Elbows1
Wed, Jul 12thFORFEITMensCambrianThrashers0Flying Elbows1
Thu, Jul 13th6:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaBandits3Vipers4
Thu, Jul 13th7:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaWolverines2The Go Getters9
Thu, Jul 13th8:00 PMU12Cambrian ArenaThe Go Getters0The North7
Thu, Jul 13th9:00 PMU14Cambrian ArenaReapers1Dead Ducks5
Mon, Jul 17th8:00 PMMensCambrianZambronis13Mallards6
Mon, Jul 17th8:00 PMMensMcClellandHuskies1Smoke Show1
Mon, Jul 17th9:00 PMMensCambrianFlying Elbows0Snus Bandits3
Mon, Jul 17th9:00 PMMensMcClellandDangle Berries3Trash Pandas1
Mon, Jul 17thFORFEITMensMcClellandDefenders1Thrashers0
Tue, Jul 18th6:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe Go Getters0The North4
Tue, Jul 18th7:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaWolverines3The North10
Tue, Jul 18th8:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaReapers0Bandits7
Tue, Jul 18th9:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaVipers1Dead Ducks2
Wed, Jul 19th8:00 PMMensCambrianDangle Berries7Mallards1
Wed, Jul 19th9:00 PMMensCambrianCobras2Snus Bandits8
Wed, Jul 19thFORFEITMensMcClellandTrash Pandas1Thrashers0
Thu, Jul 20th6:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaDead Ducks2Vipers4
Thu, Jul 20th7:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe Go Getters9Wolverines2
Thu, Jul 20th8:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe North3The Go Getters4
Thu, Jul 20th9:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaBandits8Reapers1
Mon, Jul 24th8:00 PMMensCambrianZambronis8Dangle Berries2
Mon, Jul 24th8:00 PMMensMcClellandSnus Bandits3Smoke Show1
Mon, Jul 24th9:00 PMMensCambrianTrash Pandas1Huskies8
Mon, Jul 24th9:00 PMMensMcClellandCobras0Flying Elbows1
Mon, Jul 24th10:00 PMMensCambrianDefenders0Huskies6
Mon, Jul 24thFORFEITMensCambrianThrashers0Mallards1
Tue, Jul 25th6:00 PMU12Carmichael ArenaThe North2The Go Getters3
Tue, Jul 25th7:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaReapers-Bandits-
Tue, Jul 25th8:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaVipers3Dead Ducks1
Wed, Jul 26th8:00 PMMensCambrianHuskies7Mallards0
Wed, Jul 26th8:00 PMMensMcClellandFlying Elbows2Defenders2
Wed, Jul 26th9:00 PMMensCambrianSmoke Show3Cobras6
Wed, Jul 26th9:00 PMMensMcClellandSnus Bandits8Trash Pandas1
Wed, Jul 26thFORFEITMensCambrianThrashers0Zambronis1
Thu, Jul 27th6:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaU14 - FINALS-U14 - FINALS-
Thu, Jul 27th7:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaU14 - CONSOLATION-U14 - CONSOLATION-
Mon, Jul 31st8:00 PMMensCambrianHuskies6Dangle Berries1
Mon, Jul 31st8:00 PMMensMcClellandFlying Elbows8Smoke Show1
Mon, Jul 31st9:00 PMMensCambrianCobras2Zambronis8
Mon, Jul 31st9:00 PMMensMcClellandDefenders1Snus Bandits5
Mon, Jul 31stFORFEITMensCambrianDangle Berries1Thrashers0
Tue, Aug 1st6:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaU14 - CONSOLATION-U14 - CONSOLATION-
Tue, Aug 1st7:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaU14 - FINALS-U14 - FINALS-
Thu, Aug 3rd6:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaU14 - CONSOLATION **-U14 - CONSOLATION **-
Thu, Aug 3rd7:00 PMU14Carmichael ArenaU14 - FINALS **-U14 - FINALS **-




The Greater Sudbury Ball Hockey League was created in October 2009 by a Sudburian who was tired of the waiting lists and unavailable ice for traditional hockey. After two successful seasons, the league was temporarily shut down after the 2011 season due to a play location issue but a new team of executives assumed the league and rebooted again the GSBHL for the 2016 season.


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