2022 Season Coming Soon

2022 Mens Division Full Team Registration

This form is to register a full team for the 2022 Mens Division Season. It must be filled out, in its entirety by the Team Captain.

Team Details

You will be required to register a minimum 15 players for your team up to 20 players. This INCLUDES "call-ups" (players who will fill in for absent players). Once you have submitted your team, you WILL NOT be able to use different players for call-ups for this season.

You will be asked to provide your team details including suburb (i.e. South End, Valley, Garson, etc), team name, and a jersey choice. You will be contacted regarding your team logo. This information is required to complete the form. Team suburbs, names, and jerseys are first come first serve but returning teams from previous years automatically reserve the right to their previous team details. Please contact the Greater Sudbury Ball Hockey League prior to filling out this form if there are any questions or concerns.

Form Requirements

To complete this form, you will need the following for EVERY PLAYER on your team. You will need all of the required information prior to filling out the form. An incomplete form may result in your team being unable to play this season.

-First & Last Name
-Postal Code
-Province of Residence
-A Photograph of the Player
-They have read and acknowledge the Rowan's Law found here: Rowan's Law 
-They have read and acknowledge the Waiver of Liability found here: Team Player Waiver of Liabilty


At the end of the form, you will have the option to pay for the season in full via Credit Card or e-transfer. If paying via e-transfer, you will have 3 days to pay the FULL amount to the email given at the end of the form. Failure to not pay the full balance for your team will result in your team being unable to play this season.


It is recommended that this form be filled out on a computer over using a mobile device or tablet. Do not use enter or refresh the page as you may lose your progress. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete this form.




I have read the above and have all the required items for all of the players on my team.